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Based in Christchurch, counselling is available face to face or online. OP Counselling offers effective, powerful counselling to a wide range of people. Most of our clients are over 13 years of age.

It seems like many of us at times struggle with finding a purpose, or creating meaning in their lives. Sometimes we lose sight of our values and what’s important to us. But how do we describe what a value is, and what gives our values their importance? Exploring these concepts can help to better understand ourselves and our experiences, and lead to outcomes in our lives that are consistent with our personal understanding of what our values mean to us. Talk with an OP counsellor to better understand what your optimal philosophy looks like.

Individual and couples counselling available with John Melling. John primarily uses Solution-Focused Counselling and Philosophical Counselling, and specialises in supporting people that suffer from depression, problems of a philosophical nature, and working with gamers to get the most benefit from our time gaming and not let it become an obligation and detriment to our mental health.

John holds an annual practicing certificate with the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC) as a provisional member.

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OP Counselling Ltd. is GST Registered.